Guest Comments

“Richard is part teacher, part preacher, all brilliant.”  –James Earl Jones

“Brilliant? Of course Richard is brilliant...he may be the best film teacher in the world. He certainly is the funniest...the only ‘stand up professor.’”  –Mel Brooks

“Movies are not merely entertainment, and they are certainly more than just business. They play a totally unique role in our culture and Richard is the only teacher I have ever seen who understands this. In fact, he is the only person I’ve ever met who really understands it—and more than that—he can make it clear to others.” –Alan Arkin

“He’s just a terrific professor...Richard is the #1 film teacher.”  –Al Pacino


“The evening I spent in this class was very, very special for me. I loved it—and I loved my conversation with Richard. He is smart, perceptive and compassionate. This is the quality of interview I could give to the press—if only someone could come up with this caliber of question.” 
Nicolas Cage

(To the students) “You are very lucky... This remarkable young pedagogue has figured out how to take the mystery out of the movie process...but leave the magic in.”  –Orson Welles, 1976

“My evening was enlightening, entertaining and—just enchanting...Richard is truly unique and a very special man.”  –Julia Roberts

“I’ve known Richard for over 25 years. I thought he was sensational when we first met, and he’s only gotten better at what he does.”  –Christine Lahti

“Richard is truly marvelous at what he does. I have joined him in conversation more times than I can remember. And every singe time is a treat.” 

       –Marcia Gay Harden


“Richard is marvelous: That is the only word for it. This is probably the best interview I’ve ever done, and I adored every single minute of it. I truly didn’t want it to end.”  –Kate Winslet


“Above all, Richard is smart, really smart. He gets it, and he knows how to present it to an audience like no one else.”  –Ethan Hawke

“Whenever I come, I am always struck by what a pleasure it is to talk to someone who understands film and appreciates the actor’s process.”  –Ben Stiller


“Great...just great. I feel freer in this class, and more relaxed than in any other ‘interview,’ but it’s much more like fun than it is work.”  –Willem Dafoe


“I’ve known Richard for many, many years. He not only conducts a truly superb conversation, but his insights are amazing. And he’s truly eloquent when it comes to the performing arts. I think he’s brilliant.”  –Sigourney Weaver


“Nobody does what Richard does. He’s established a unique forum in which we throw ideas back and forth with a constant level of true insight and real intelligence.”  –Peter Bogdanovich


“The exchanges are simply splendid: That’s the word. There’s a rigorous intelligence working here that allows one to express ideas and then explore them in an absolutely unique environment. Inevitably, I come to understand more about my work and what is important to me because of the kind of space that Richard creates on every visit.” 

Frank Langella




“This is not an interview in the ordinary sense. There are no set questions and answers. Instead, you volley back and forth ideas, concepts, clever exchanges...witty repartee. Richard is so smart and empathic you always come away with something amazing... and memorable.”  –Alan Alda


“We’ve done these in New York and Los Angeles, live and on television, and every time I am exhilarated and amazed at what happens when the two of us get together. On both coasts, Richard is widely known in the film community as the best interviewer of this generation...maybe the best ever. If you attend one session, you will understand why.”                                                                                                                                                                               –Jon Voight