Media Quotes

“It has become, over the past 25 years, New York’s premiere film class.”
-The New York Times

“ of the 10 best reasons for living in New York...”

-New York Magazine

“Over the past quarter-century, they have managed to screen just about every important film...and they’ve seen them before anyone else.” 

-The Wall Street Journal


“MOVIES101 is unique because Brown’s teaching technique is unique: He puts the viewer at the very heart of the experience... students ‘graduate’ with a heightened sense of confidence in their own ability to evaluate a film, regardless of the critics, reviewers and other so-called experts.” 

-The Film Journal

“A unique blend of information and entertainment...a virtual feast for the film lover.”

-Time Magazine

“The interviews are simply superb...perceptive, probing and relentlessly intelligent.”

-Connoisseur Magazine

“His interviews are a sheer delight—filled with insight, compassion and an extraordinary empathy...he is able to get from his willing subjects a variety of memories and recollections that they themselves were often unaware is generally accepted, within the American film industry that Prof. Brown has set the ‘gold standard’ for quality conversation, and that no one can touch him.”

-Toronto Globe

“The students may come to hear George Clooney and Tom Hanks, but they end up staying for Richard Brown. He teaches up a storm—the proof is that after three decades, this remarkable teacher/performer is still SRO in NYC."


“The sheer quality of his interviews have consistently attracted a ‘who’s who’ of cinema greats.”
-The New York Times